#473 Camouflage Wear Fete

by | Nov 6, 2018 | 0 comments

There are some events that you just need ensure you are there to represent and coupled with the affinity that I have for Grenada, there was no doubt that I was going to the #473 Camouflage wear fete. Held at Osterley Banqueting Suite, it was a switch from the originally planned venue and for some of us South Londoners, it was far!

I was also surprised at the door opening time, as with it being from 12 – 4am, that meant you really you had to get there from the start to maximise on your feting time. I had heard that there some issues with the event timing. However, by the time I arrived at 2am, it was heaving with people and plain to see that it was a sold out event. I was not sure what I was expecting to be honest, all I know is that I wanted to feel the jab vibe. With a singular bar, there was only cash being accepted on the night. No credit cards but you were warned beforehand to bring cash. All working staff were friendly and for once, the service was quick – no long bar queues here.

The music was courtesy of a selection of top DJs; DJ Bones, The Bomb Squad, CJ, Digga D, and Hypa Spice. With outstanding PA appearances from the Jab King and Shortpree who had the crowds jumping waving flags and chanting ‘‘We going Grenada’. I could certainly account for the vibes on the night and the DJs selected riddims to keep us feting. For the last hour, the DJs switched to dancehall, at which point the stamina filled crowd went crazy.

Sweating and feting

The only downside is that this kind of vibe requires air, let alone a working aircon system and we had neither. It was like a steam room, you may as well have washed your hair, put in conditioner and wore a cap. It was that deep. Natural hair did not bode well here and wigs must have been uncomfortable. You literally walked into 95 degrees of solid humid air. Sweaty, wet clothes clung to you. The men just didn’t bother with tops and the upside of that meant you were treated to a haven of chiseled, toned perfect bodies. For first the time I air kissed anyone I knew, as the sweat was rolling off my face and everyone else’s.

Watch the jab jab madness

The #473 Camouflage Wear Fete was full of mad, crazy jab jab vibes. Tune after tune sent us wild but it was Shortpree’s track that sent everyone running for their Grenadian flags. Grenada ruled that night! With all dressed to fete, a selection DJs and the showstopping performances of the Jab King and Shortpree, everyone had fun.

That said, nothing stops us feters and it was beyond hot, nevertheless, we partied. For it was well worth the trek and the insane heat to witness a spectacular night, but please next time, not that venue.



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