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Don’t you think we should be promoting our UK carnivals? So many cities in the UK host a Caribbean carnival or festival of some kind, but it feels like we are restricting ourselves to the London Notting Hill Carnival in the UK as our main event – why? The Notting Hill carnival can almost be argued as the ‘pièce de résistance’, the grand finale – we go out like a bang for the last lap in the carnival season, as just literally after London and Miami, the season really has ended.

I am confident enough in my travels and heart to state that London, is perhaps considered second in ranking for carnival attendance after Trinidad. I could be wrong, but just my instinct and the commentary I hear ensure that my beliefs are upheld and that London is considered the place to be to ‘jump up, ‘play mas’ or ‘wuk up’ respectively. There is a huge demand in London, to represent the Caribbean and Soca music scene. Coupled with the infusion of Afro beats, Soca has excelled and exceeded in its consumer/customer base in the UK and lest not state internationally. That said, I am on a continual mission to attend and promote Caribbean carnivals outside of London, in hope that many of you will consider a change to attend once you read my reviews. We have to remember that we have our fellow Caribbean communities based around the UK and that we do not have to continue to restrict ourselves to just London and Trinidad for carnival festivities.

As my blog aims to promote – there are other carnivals!

Subsequently, I have actively started to travel to these lesser-known carnivals within the UK to check out the vibe and more importantly try to support our home-grown Caribbean roots!  This year, I travelled to Leicester for their Caribbean carnival experience and they did not disappoint.  Read about my Live on the road at Leicester Carnival for the on the road experience.  I have to admit that it is definitely worthy of a visit and should be on the UK hit list for 2018! It’s relatively cheap and easy to get to if you book in advance and hopefully more promoters will get on the ‘bandwagon’, get a float on the road and support our UK carnivals!

London, Hackney, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Bristol, perhaps even Luton and Reading can count amongst those UK carnivals firmly on the UK Soca carnival map. However, there are other carnivals within the UK that deserve to get on that list and below are a list of all that cities that now, or at some point hosted a carnival in the UK in the last few years:

UK Carnival      Date                              Website

Acton                Sat 15th Jul 17               Acton Carnival

Bristol               (cancelled)                     Bristol Carnival

Brixton              (cancelled)                    Brixton Carnival

Derby                 Sun 16th Jul 17            Derby Carnival

Hackney            Sun 10th Sep 17          The Hackney One Carnival

Huddersfield    Sat 8th July 17             Huddersfield Carnival

Kingston           Sun 3rd Sep 17            Kingston Carnival

Leeds                Sat 8th Jul 17                Leeds Carnival

Leicester          Sat 5th Aug 17              Leicester Carnival

Liverpool          (cancelled)                    Liverpool Carnival

Northampton   Sat 10th Jun 17            Northampton Carnival

Nottingham      Sun 20th Aug 17          Nottingham Carnival

Preston             Sun 25th Jun 17            Preston Carnival

Tottenham       (cancelled)                     Tottenham Carnival

Twickenham    (cancelled)                    Twickenham Carnival

Woolwich         Sat 23rd Sep 17            Woolwich Carnival

However, let’s not get over excited about the finding of this new information or this list, as there are more carnivals and there are a number on this list that has been cancelled due to funding issues, also a couple that no longer exist. So it is imperative to support all of our counties more by getting involved, attending and participating.

Join us for 2018 for Road Trip Carnival excursions around the UK. #candymas #carnivalcrusherz #ssuk

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