Bermuda: The Semi-Tropical Paradise

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‘Bermuda is a group of tiny islands in a turquoise sea calling you…to an interlude of enchantment, an adventure with beauty… to a semi-tropical paradise where you’ll bronze in the sunlight and glory in the moonlight’. [text courtesy of Bermuda.Com].

A paradise island set in the middle of the Atlantic, Bermuda is fast becoming the next island of choice to experience a Caribbean carnival. Bermuda is beautiful, in as much as the people, through experiencing an abundance of over-friendliness and exuberant acts of kindness. The Bermudians know no other way, everyone will stop and say hello and no one is in a hurry. In fact, no one will pass you unless they have greeted you in some way. Help is so easy to find as people are just so willing to aid your journey. Relaxed, it is inspiring and not just a place to fete so if you have time, there are many places to discover, with lots of beautiful beaches and hidden coves to experience.

The currency used is the Bermudian Dollar but they widely accept the US dollar also, with $1 US dollar equalling to $1 Bermudian dollar, so check out the best rates of exchange for the best currency to buy in advance, as you could be better off buying US dollars.

Getting to Bermuda

You can get direct flights from the US and London and arrive in Bermuda the same day. Clearing customs can be long, as they check everyone and every suitcase very, very carefully. However, they are the most gracious and polite agents I have ever come across. A sheer delight to engage with, such friendly government staff making you feel completely at ease, to conduct their required searches.

In terms of the transportation, it is actually easy to get around as dozens of taxis roam the island, but just beware of the costs and try to get an indication up front. The main use of transport tends to be a moped, due to the car policy in Bermuda. So, it is important for all travellers to note that Bermuda restricts car ownership and car rental to local residents. You simply cannot rent a car in Bermuda, however, they have only recently allowed tourists to rent electric cars and can cost you from $100 a day; it also can only fit two people! Other than that, you have to rely on taxis, bikes, or the popular mopeds.


To experience a scenic view of Bermuda, one the best ways of getting around is via the ferry service. Ferries go between Hamilton and Somerset; the one-way fare is $4 and the ferries also accept bus tickets or bus day-passes. It is truly a peaceful, simple and scenic way of transporting yourself around the various ports across Bermuda.


The buses are a frequent and useful service and if you don’t know about the bus stops you would never know. Bus stops are just little posts, situated at certain points that either coloured pink or blue depending on which direction you were going in. Nevertheless, you will need to ensure that you have the exact change or a pre-purchased bus ticket to get on which is $5 per person. They can refuse you and they don’t give change so please be warned. There is also an app that you can download in regards to the Bermudian transport information and timetables.


Usually, I book hotels but something drew me the accommodation I eventually booked, courtesy of Airbnb, and I had no regrets. The accommodation was based in the Pembrook parish; and had the comfort of a self-contained apartment, built on the side of the main house. The apartment itself was truly a little piece of paradise. Set overlooking the Atlantic ocean, you had the benefit of your own private reef. There, you could snorkel directly in front of your apartment, kayak or just chill out and watch the sunset or sunrise. You had your own access to the apartment and onto the garden, with an almost clifftop view of the ocean. Inside was a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen. Living area, double bed, wardrobe, TV and also amenities such as beach towels, snorkeling equipment, beach shoes, suntan lotion. They even had bikes available for those wanted to cycle; and again for the adventurous, there were two kayaks that you could go out onto the ocean with. If you had time, you could also switch on the TV to check in on the rest of the world.


In terms of location, the main City of Hamilton was just a 15-minute stroll away, conveniently there was a local store that was only a 2 minute walk away. The nearest beach was only a 20-minute walk (if you wanted) and it was just the perfect location, with perfect hosts. Mel and Louise outdid themselves as the Airbnb hosts as they ensured that our every need was taken care of. As Louise stated, “we came as guests and left as friends”. If you would like to book this accommodation, please find the Airbnb link here for accommodation details and pictures.

The Fantasy and Crystal Caves

Bermuda’s Crystal Caves is a must-see attraction, formed during the Ice Age, that is approximately 16 million years ago. The caves formed when much of the Earth’s oceans froze, sea levels dropped and rainwater seeped into the limestone, creating hidden caves in and around the island. See my video below or for more information online go to: Crystal & Fantasy Caves.


There is so much to do in Bermuda. I cannot comment on the nightlife but its sealife is amazing and getting a boat is a must. To experience, just chilling out on a boat rippling along waves is on a list.

Horseshoe Bay Cove

Bermuda beach line is an amazing set up of coves and for the adventurous you could spend a day, wandering along the beach line discovering all kinds of hidden coves. Horseshoe Bay Cove is located in the parish of Southampton, on the south coast of the Island. Bermuda is quite infamous for its pinkish sands, this unusual hue is the result of millions of tiny red sea creatures that have been crushed by the battering waves of the Atlantic ocean. Once they wash up on the beach, they integrate into the sand, turning it into the amazing pink colours that you will experience.

Picture courtesy of Elbow Beach Cycles

The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1846 and is located on St David’s island on the South Shore, you can climb the 185 steps for breathtaking views overlooking Bermuda. For information visit the website.

Bermuda is a beautiful destination to be enjoyed whether you are coming for carnival or just for a sun and sea-drenched break.


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