Buss or Bust pepper – 11th February 2017

by | Mar 10, 2017 | 3 comments


What is the furore with Busspepper?

What makes this event so popular? Having been to a few events, I am still wracking my brains to find out the popularity? Of all the soca events, this one stays true to ticket sell out. Early birds don’t last long and tickets go way before the event.

This one was a special event as it was a friends birthday and we all decided to purchase tickets and go as our SSUK massive. My birthday friend booked a table and guest list, paid for the privilege and we were all set.

We arrived and my friends name was not down so we had to queue and get in. No table, despite her booking one, so we just settled at one. She then came later and wow, even they added to her despair at her birthday booking. The table they then decided on giving her was some little old rickety table at the front of the club and just the lack of help around her booking was just ridiculous.  The excuses given, demanding to speak to the manager to having to ask them whether they thought a complimentary drink was in order for the issues experienced?

The crowd is also different.  A mix of the usual Soca crowd plus a bouji clientele, so a mix of get down and wuk up, with I want to look good and wine my waist…. Nothing untoward or a complaint. Just an unusual mix that takes some getting used to.

Revolutions as a venue is also difficult to ascertain as it’s too big with too many places to hide or be. The downstairs room is definitively the place to be, but also hot, sweaty and packed which equated with me sorely  missing it’s venue predecessor in Brixton. Upstairs, however has much more space and room to chat, chill or dance with mates. There was a dance floor and amazingly space to freestyle at will.  My friend always does the splits so it suits her. The music was good,  the  DJ’s kept it lively and believe all had a good time. A big shout out to security, on point, roamed around, kept things going. As I said before,  the crowd can be a bit stoosh and unaware of the soca carry on.  I saw a divide,  half the men drooled and  wanted in,  the other half stood back in shock and carried on looking nice. Reminds of that shift in jungle music in the 90’s when it went from student grunge dress to 3 piece suits,  designer accessories and heels! All non suitable for the frenzied attack of a wuk up.

We had a good time but it was  marred by the earlier events of the night.   Nevertheless I would give it a thumbs up and attend again.  I am sure bookings normally go well as the busspepper brand sell out quickly, so they do something well.

Maybe I am jinxed or maybe it was just an average night.




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