Carnival in Bermuda Paradise

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Celebrating the 2018 Bermuda ‘Heroes Weekend’ Carnival.

Yes, this little paradise island is about to come alive in June, with the island’s highly anticipated annual ‘Heroes Weekend’ carnival. Why highly anticipated? Well, that is because it’s being spoken about as the place to be and now targeted by soca junkies from all over the globe, looking to experience that ultimate carnival island vibe. What’s more, it is attracting top Soca artists and DJs to perform and more importantly, it’s on a beautiful island.

The Bermuda Heroes Weekend is one of the island’s biggest summer celebrations and is rumoured to be the world’s fastest-growing carnival! Subsequently, my flights and accommodation are booked and I simply cannot wait for this carnival. I am excited to go but conducting research into the fetes to attend and what else is on. With only 6 days on this island, there is a lot that can be done.

Five Star Friday seems to be the fete to kick off the carnival celebrations – an opening night extravaganza, hosted by top international and local Soca artists & DJ’s. Bermuda also offers ‘Pan in Park‘, which is said to feature some of the world’s best Steel Pan musicians. An all-night J’ouvert ensues and then it’s onto the main event, the Parade of Bands. However, it will be Raft Up that is being touted as the place to be at, where hundreds of people float and party their way in the water to the fete.

The Bermuda heroes carnival website provides extensive information on events and ticketing. This also seems to be the only website that is selling tickets, with early bird prices ending soon don’t hesitate to buy up if your going!

So with further bookings to do, I will leave you with a taster of events that I am about to experience.

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Please click on the links for the event tickets information.

Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2018 Carnival Events & Fetes

Friday 15th June | Five Star Friday, City Hall |7 am to 1 am |Five Star Friday extravaganza the opening party and is set to be a lively start to the carnival. This event will feature live local and international artists. For tickets click on the link here.

Saturday 16th June | Raft Up, Shelly Bay | 12 pm to 5 pm |It wouldn’t be a Bermuda celebration without a little time spent out on the water. The BHW Raft Up is a party that floats, with everyone heading to the Great Sound near Morgan’s Point with their flotation devices of choice, prepared to soak up the sun. For tickets click on the link here.

Sunday 17th June | Pan in the Park, Victoria Park |3 pm to 7 pm |Everyone will be out to witness the might of steel pan drums in Hamilton’s Victoria Park. Pan in the Park will feature local and international pan artists. A must for the pan connoisseur. For tickets click on the link here.

Monday 18th June |Cirque du Soca J’ouvert, Bernards Park | 3 am to 8am |Revelers can party until the sun comes up at Bernard’s Park in Pembroke. There will be sweet soca music playing, with food and drink to keep everyone partying until dawn. For BHW Cirque du Soca Wildcat tickets, please click on the link here.

Monday 18th June | Parade of the Bands | 10 am to 8 pm | Starting at 10am the streets will fill with thousands of revelers, feting to the sweet soca music played by a host of top international and local DJs. List of Parade Bands

Monday 18th June | Last Lap |10 am to 10pm |For tickets click on the link here.

In the meantime, paradise & soca awaits the Real Soca Deal. See you in June Bermuda!


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