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How many of us actually get the opportunity to travel the world let alone indulge in our favourite pastimes? In fact, a pastime that has become of an interest to my readers and will continue to endeavour, writing my accounts of my experiences to you all.

Having been to the Mecca of carnivals, Trinidad & Tobago, several times. I became interested in experiencing other carnivals around the world, in particular the ones that do not benefit from the exposure that the main carnivals achieve. Notably, Grenada, St Vincent are carnivals that aspiring to the efforts of Trinidad. However, I am in full support of our UK carnivals too. Check out Leicester Carnival and one year I will take a hiatus from Notting Hill to attend Leeds carnival which has been going since 1966! Europe also is seeing a phenomenal growth in Soca music and carnival celebrations. Both Rotterdam & Berlin carnivals are firmly on the map but France, Switzerland and other regions in Germany are growing in interest. Even as far as Japan is the culture of Soca of music being celebrated. 


Please find a little interactive map which lists the carnivals I have managed to get to so far. More will be highlighted as my journey’s continue.

 Keep reading and hopefully you will join me in travels with the Real Soca Deal.