Come out to play Spring Lime: Bleu Edition

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Sunday 27th May @St Katherine’s Pier, London

The come out to play boat ride was back for the Bank Holiday Sunday 27th May. I think we all now know, that some fetes are accustomed to being legendary and the come out to play boat rides definitely falls into that category. As one of the most anticipated boat limes in London, this fete needs little promotion. It has its ardent group of loyal followers, they all come and support in their masses and tickets sell out fast.

This Spring edition’s theme was ‘Bleu’ and wearing something blue was definitely the look to sport. Ticket prices were reasonably priced at £30 and with that, you got your boat ride ticket that said it was inclusive of food and warm up drinks. I personally love the come out to play boat rides as it has a real family feel, a connection and a penchant for hosting, the best boat rides. You are looked after from start to finish and members of the team at hand to deal with any issues. As with clubs, you can’t bring in your own alcohol, but it’s literally like a lime beforehand on the pier, so many people tend to relax, lime and have a drink before they board. So unless you got some secret squirrel places to hide your alcohol, drink it beforehand, or just don’t try bringing it on board!

The boat ride was held on a perfect evening. The sun was still out, everyone was ready for the fete and we all came dressed to impress. Music as always, was delivered by the impeccable line up of DJs, with DJ Tate, Credable, DJ Boots, Jah Eyez, DJ Bones, DJ Matchiz. However, my favourite for the night was CSI Rhythem Section. A percussion band. I had never heard of them or seen them before, but like all others nearby we were mesmerised. Stuck there, rooted to the spot on the boat balcony, witnessing masters of an art. An array of percussion instruments played by professional hands, driving a vast army of onlookers, gathering to see where this sound was coming from. It was spectacular and welcomed. Later on, Rhythem section were set up in the main arena and it just exploded as they played alongside the DJ’s. Check out the video, watch the masters of percussion at work below.

The boat was absolutely heaving with people, with the DJ’s spinning sweet soca tracks like the Soca Kingdom, Feteland and the seemingly favourite, ‘Split in the Middle’, but the selection of tracks did not stop at the much-hyped tunes. For, the DJs dug deep and played tracks that were called for rewinds. It was officially too much! As the drinks flowed, so did the vibe.

Music courtesy of Batcheco and Fontez (Villianz). Ft Shaker HD. We feting.

Suffice to say, come out to play – Bleu edition was another success for the team. If you love a boat ride or never experienced one, follow come to out to play boat parties and book your tickets for their next one. Save the date and bookmark your diaries now. September 5th 2018.



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