Derby Carnival 2018

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This carnival started out as a small festival in 1975 and is now run by the Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA). This association has the overall responsibility for organisation, planning and the delivery of the Derby Caribbean Carnival.

However, Derby remains a little carnival gem and its growth in both participants and attendees can possibly be attributed to the increasing popularity of soca. Maybe it was the sizzling hot weather that bought the vast crowds out to support the carnival, but this year saw the biggest turnout ever. It was a fantastic carnival, well organised, safe and trouble free. You really felt the essence of a real community spirit. It was also not just the local Derby bands involved, mas organisations had travelled from all around the UK with representations from:

  • Cultural Roots Carnival Troupe (Derby)
  • Maria Routledge (Ilkeston)
  • Leicester Caribbean Carnival Troupe, UK Trini & Friends (Nottingham)
  • Emccan Queen Costumes (East Midlands), Isle in Harmony (Preston)
  • Carnival Unite (Leeds)
  • HGYC Zodiac All Stars Carnival Dance Troupe (Nottingham)
  • Rampage (Luton)

The carnival procession had set off with a spectacular bang, music blared from all trucks and the masqueraders were ready. The trucks assembled along Market Place, the town’s centre, and we set off at 1pm to a sea of crowds. Creative costume designs were on show in their abundance and children themed significantly throughout the bands, with an emphasis on choreographed routines that each band performed for the entire route.

Derby Carnival in pictures

The procession actually follows only a 3-hour route all the way to Osmanton Park. There, the bands then rest, have their meal and get ready for the costume competition judging point, which is set by the stage in front of huge crowds.

Costume Judging Event

Once all the bands have performed in front of judges. The stage comes alive with music from the DJ with a selection of artists, that included the great Luciano!

Derby carnival was fun and well worth the 2.5hr train ride. So please support our UK carnivals and take a trip to Derby, for the 2019 carnival!

The Derby Carnival West Indian Association is very open to other mas bands joining them on the road, so check out the DWICA website and if your a bandleader, or DJ why not register and bring your band or truck to Derby for 2019!


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