Intensity Sweat 3, was the third instalment of DJ Remstar’s dance fitness workshops.

The event was held on the 5th November and hosted by the award-winning DJ Remstar at the Fitness First gym, Covent Garden. It was billed as a two hour session from 2 – 4pm and was in the perfect location, based not too far from Charing Cross Station. Upon arrival into the gym, we were each greeted by Remstar, completed a form and were then led past loads of fit men working out – a bonus!  Once in the dance room, we were treated to an array of tunes from DJ Remstar that had us bubbling (you can find the play list below).

Then SoPHIA turned up….

No messing around and with no time to spare for this reasonably sized class, with little room to try and hide at the back, she got us ready to start this class with a sweat. SoPHIA. This little dynamite powerhouse was the perfect instructor and was 100% fit. Not only fit, but she could dance too. I subsequently found out from her profile that not only is she a a trained fitness instructor, she does ballet, dance and adds acting to her belt. I noted the Bajan undertones to her vocality as we started off with the tough aerobic warm up, that led into the creative Caribbean choreography. The lesson was not planned, she could be spontaneous with her next moves and at minor times she became subdued in her thoughts, in terms of what worked for the class. I loved this, as the routine felt like it was totally impromptu, based on the strengths and weaknesses in the group, but keeping it sexy and exciting.

However, DJ Remstar set the scene with a playlist that kept us moving and provided the track that was our back drop to the choreographed routine. Mi Gente, by J Balvin, Willy William, the current chart topping Spanish tune, provided the rhythmic, deep bassline that was aligned to the routine. SoPHIA took us through the steps, a section at time, and went over it again and again, until the majority of us got it right. We then combined steps until we learnt to perform the entire routine with her. However, SoPHIA was no ordinary instructor; she had sass, sexiness, attitude, rhythm, a fun personality and a body to suit. She was banging! There was no sculptured outfit, just her, a pair of loose shorts and, rightfully so, she sported the Intensity Sweat logo t-shirt.

She was the total consummate professional, kind, but harsh when needing to be. In fact, the initial part of the routine consisted of a little catwalk model strut, but you could not just walk. You had to strut and you had to own it. As I walk now, I can hear her, “walk like you’re the shit! I don’t want to see no slow walk. Walk like you own it, god damn it”. Well, damn it, I strutted, I gave that routine my all at times! Next we had to twerk and if you didn’t know how to twerk, she took you through it step by step and possessed a natural, ridiculously fit butt. Unfortunately, for the rest of us on the lower scale of the fit bottom threshold, ours were not and some of us could not twerk. I do consider myself fit with all the carnivals that I attend, but – and it’s a big but – I am not that young and so this going down and coming straight back up becomes difficult on the knees unless I have had copious amounts of rum!

SoPHIA expertise

It has to be said that if you want to enjoy keeping fit, whilst being entertained by one of the best DJ’s on the Soca scene, then what more could you ask for? DJ Remstar, one of my favourite DJ’s, kept us going with his endless spins. We all tried to keep up with the dance routines. However, the few of us that could not make the entire routine conceded, stepped aside and let the ones that sufficiently learnt take over. With everything that SoPHIA taught us, she always gave us the ‘extra mile’, that roll of the head, the extra twerk, the deep back dip; if you wanted to, you could immerse yourself in the routine and become Shakira or Beyonce!

Those of you that enjoy keeping fit and want to listen to an award-winning DJ, then what more could you ask for? DJ Remstar, kept the class ‘on point’ spinning some serious tunes throughout his session. He owned the DJ stand and ensured the tunes kept us in line with SoPHIA’s routines.

If you want combine the musicality of DJ Remstar, fitness, Soca and dance, I seriously recommend signing up for DJ Remstar’s Intensity Sweat sessions.

Intensity Sweat is the class to come to and you can sign up for the Intensity Sweat Deal – x3 Sweat Classes for £20.00. Sign up folks, I can’t recommend Intensity Sweat enough.

More from DJ Remstar and his Intensity Sweat Classes for 2018!

DJ Remstar |facebook: DJRemstar1 | insta:DJRemstar1

Dance Instructor | Sophia Mackayart:

You can catch up with DJ Remstar and book tickets at the next Intensity Sweat Event 4. 

DJ Remstar Intensity Sweat 3 Playlist:

  1. Lyrical – Dip & Roll
  2. Kes Ft Nailah Blackman – Workout
  3. Dynamite – Brave
  4. Slida – Back Fi Ah Bend (DJ Remstar Dub Brave Remix)
  5. Big Red – No Behaviour – (DJ Remstar Dub Brave Remix), (Whistle & Drums Riddim)
  6. Marzville Ft Busta Rhymes – Gas It Up Remix
  7. Scrilla – Wood
  8. Trinidad Ghost – Bubble & Dib (DJ Remstar Dub), (Local Drum Riddim)
  1. Mighty & Subance – Bad In Bum Bum
  2. Freezy – Bend De Banna, (Jambe Riddim)
  1. Charly Black – Party Animal
  2. Pternsky – Non Stop
  3. Konshens – Bruk Off Yuh Back
  4. Salty – Trouble
  5. King Bubba FM – Bubbling
  6. Ricky T – Freaky Girl (DJ Remstar Dub), (Malay Way Riddim)
  1. Freezy – Split In De Middle (DJ Remstar Dubplate)
  2. Jagwa – Bubble And Guh Dung
  3. Hypasounds – Dip, (One o’clock Riddim)
  1. Stiffy – Tek Off Something
  2. Marzville Ft Snap Brandy – Bang Bim
  3. Xcel – Pon Me
  4. Routine: (Mi Gente Riddim)
  1. J Balvin & Willy William Ft Beyonce – Mi Gente Remix
  2. Leftside – Mi Gente