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Grand Carnival (Karnaval) Parade, Kralenjik

by The Bonaire Information Authority

Celebrating Diversity by organizing the biggest cultural event on Bonaire in a responsible and dynamic way, with ears towards the people of Bonaire. A carnival, which will be more than just a simply beautiful and creative parade, A carnival with an added value to our economy.

After the first official opening of the Karnaval period, the first evens are the Tumba festivals and there is one for the children of Bonaire, as well as an adult festival. These are serious competitions for those involved in Bonaire’s cultural music, as winners of each competition will be spotlighted in each of ending parades.

Tumba is a musical form native to the ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  It is of African origin, although the music has developed since it was first introduced on the island centuries ago. Nowadays Tumba can take on some influences from Latin jazz or merengue.

Carnival dates for 2020 are estimated and are not confirmed as yet.

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Date And Time

February, 1, 2020,12:00 PM - March, 3, 2020


Kaya N.E.Craane 34, Dutch Caribbean TV, Kaya Frater Odulfinus, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands


Stadium Rincon

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