That soca bug really does bite you!

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Well it’s officially my first post. How nerve wracking is this? It’s a Tuesday night and pondering on my imminent travels to Barbados and Grenada.  It’s almost midnight, raining and cold.. I am in my onsie.  What’s the problem?  Well it’s June and was tempted to write this blog due to the problems I had finding information on Caribbean carnivals around the world. Grrr. the tourism sites were just not informative or up to date and the mas bands did not have one corroborative page. You either knew bands, people recommended or you researched on your own and I researched like a bitch 🙁 .

You see 28th July 2016 sees me travelling for first time to Barbados Cropover and Grenada Spicemas for the first time. I am venturing away from the normalities of attending Trinidad carnival and want to see what other islands have to offer. Trinidad is not the only carnival in the Caribbean and whilst there are writers who pen details about the carnivals they attended, I wanted the real deal. I wanted exclusive accounts of people’s real experiences. Not everyone has a good time and a good majority have an amazing time, but we do not always get to hear about everything in the mire of social media activities. So here we area site dedicated to the Real Soca Deal and so my journeys and travel blogging begins.


So first stop. Barbados. What do I know about Barbados? Well Bajan’s LOVE Barbados, I know it’s cliche, but they do. Barbados to them is promoted as THE island to go to. All I know is that they eat shark, drink Cockspur in abundance and wuk up HARD. Lil Rick rocks and that’s about it. Bad huh? I know, but Barbados does indeed embrace the stereotype, it is  beautiful and very expensive. Truly.

Home from home, the supermarkets stock Waitrose products, I kid you not and Barbados surely caters for the white and moneyful. i.e they want you to spend and spend easily you can. If you want fish, well look no further, you can get it everywhere, as well as chicken, pork and pigstail. Best place in Christchurch is to head down to Oistins for a variety of food tastes and local delights.


Fridays at Oistins was the highlight. Fish fry. You would get music, persons selling wares, food stalls until your dizzy your hunger and an atmosphere that nowhere can top. Centre stage on the dancefloor would be a regular highlight and those drunk enough, dared to do so.

Fish Fry:

“BAM BIM, BAM BIM go down, go down, go down again”….tune!! Wow. Bajans can wuk up and get down. Lord, my travels saw some rear ends that Kim Kardashian would be jealous of.


That brings me on to Grenada .. In fact I can’t say what I know it’s embarrassing. The fact remains I am there as a tourist,  a carnivalist, a visitor to two beautiful countries…

I was a complete novice to Grenada, I knew nothing about the Island, except the explosion in regards to the Jab Jab. Boy did it live up to the honour, Grenada is the place to fete. The people are amazing, beautiful and kind and I did not once have a complaint over service. My only issue, that it could be spoilt by ignorant travelling brats or tourism. Either way, its a beautiful country and one that I cannot wait to visit again.

So its time to check out my real honest carnival experiences and travel posts. Read, enjoy, like and subscribe. I hope it perhaps enlightens, but please definitely comment.

See you soon and links will be updated!

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