Funding cut for St Paul’s 2020 Bristol Carnival!

by | Jan 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Bristol Council cuts carnival funding for 2020

Happy new year to everyone!

What a wonderful way to start the year’s news, with yet another crisis to threaten our carnival arts.

The St Paul’s Bristol Carnival was revived in 2018 after a 3-year hiatus and was heralded for a spectacular affair in 2019. Yet, quite recently, the carnival committee announced Bristol’s Council’s decision to cut funding for this year’s 2020 carnival.

No further announcements have been made from the St Paul’s carnival team but we have to as communities, start looking at what has gone wrong and why so much UK carnivals are falling victim to a lack of funds.

Is it merely just a factor of the respective committee’s not applying for the right funds or is really that funders themselves no longer believe in the art, that is our Caribbean carnivals?

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