How much does carnival really cost you?

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Well, according to my sums it is costing me around £6k to carry out my yearly obsession. Whilst, it sounds so exciting to hear of my imminent trip to a carnival and even better if there are several trips throughout the year, it does come at a significant cost.  It is all well and good to shout “I am off again”, but how much does it really cost you? Have you ever taken the time to sit, do the maths and look at total spending for this habit? Well, after finalising my payment for my Nottinghill and Paris Carnival costumes in June, I then set about securing the deposit for my Labour day costume. As I sent the cash, thoughts presided over the amounts I had spent. This is what is approximately came to:

My carnival travel spend for 2017

My Carnival Costs for 2017

*only spent one night and high cost due to activities with friends

It’s official am Mas addict

I feel like I should flash that total spend out in bold with a warning sign for the addicted. As, if I put it into perspective, for two years worth of feting I could have a new car? A small salary? Money towards a deposit for a house? Some of these costs may seem minor or even significant to some, but they are based time spent in each location and the inclusive price of other costs (flights, accommodation, costume price, taxis, fete tickets etc), basically your entire holiday cost. There are hidden expenses also, that are unaccounted for, may it be the makeup artists, additional tights, the gifts, food at airports and/or other ‘on the road’ necessities that you purchase.

Needless to say, the lure of soca is too much; its pull is almost indescribable, as once you experience it, your converted – you find that cash to go and that’s it. Next time you reach a fete, you got your outfit, flag, your rag, your drinks, you dun learn the latest tunes, watched you tube for the moves and your good to go.

“Sometimes, I wonder yeah, if we didn’t have soca”[Cheers to life], is almost my mantra as soca is luring me into £6k’s worth of debt each year.

Arguably, I am having a good time but it is also at a cost. Saving is hard, going to Trinidad means I don’t go anywhere else for the year and like many of us soca heads, there is no way we can sit back and not go and visit an island or a fete to wuk up.

So soca thank you, I salute you, my credit cards succumb to you, for you are my idol.


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Ibiza Soca Festival

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