Is it time to postpone the carnivals and fetes?

by | Mar 13, 2020 | 0 comments

Time to postpone?

I love my soca, but the Corona Virus is at a pandemic level right now and believe that we all have to do our bit in combating the spread of this virus. As can we really consciously continue to go to large events and not be fearful of the repercussions?

With the number of event organisers that are now canceling fetes and carnivals, it seems irresponsible for the rest of the promoters or event organisers to continue to promote any large event right now. As are we really willing to sacrifice our health and wellbeing for the sake of a fete? With music that we have already heard and artists that have already performed hundreds of times! What would be the issue of postponing an event, for a few months?

Well, there are issues in canceling an event.

Yes, the fact that we all will have carnival tabanca, but the biggest loss would be the financial impact on the event organisers.  I could say so what to the latter, especially with respect to this virus, but this is also an event organiser’s livelihood. How will they pay their bills/debts if events are canceled? The knock-on effects are huge, the creditors, the debtors, the effects on travel, tourism, trade, and the jobs the event may have created – it affects everyone!  BUT we need to do something now to quell this, stop the hysteria or whatever people feel as it will not cease or die down yet.

Can you really fete without touching?

France, Italy and various other European countries have canceled or postponed events but there are still promoters defying all odds. Ok, suppose we continue feting? Considering that no safety can be ensured other than washing your hands. Perhaps event organisers may provide hand sanitizers, but we FETE!  Soca is not contactless, how are you going to apply social distancing in a soca fete where it is actually the norm to on “whine on somebody”. 

Safety is key!

Let’s not be ignorant but safe, and I plead to the promoters and event organisers to think again about holding these large fetes or even boat rides in a time where we are all being sent home to self-isolate. Schools are closing and people are dying, as this virus will get worse before it gets better.

The Fears…….

……that all large events and carnivals from now until at June will be postponed or canceled anyway.

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