Island Massive – NHC 2016

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Traditionally I was a Burrokeets girl, Sundays and Mondays I dedicated to them, but after dancing with them for over 20 years it was time for a change. It’s a big wide carnival world and I wanted to see what else was out there.  There is always a first time for everything and for this year I decided to try something different. I had the jab jab fever from my trip to Grenada, Barbados had also embraced it and so I just wanted just jab.

I knew little about Island Mas but my research saw it’s Jab promotion and I was hooked. Our whatapp forum was also buzzing with carnival fever in August and what bands we were each jumping with. So many quoted Island Mas jouvert also, so it seemed like the band to jump with..So just knowing just a few people I signed up!  As always, a costume or tshirt collection for Nottinghill seems such an arduous and complicated task for mas bands.  It needs to be easier and more fluid with a place to chill and lime if waiting.  In essence, as a reveller, what I am trying to say is please get it together mas bands. Tis not difficult.

On the road was a different matter. We rolled up early and surprised to see some friends who I didn’t know where jumping. However, with little time to go on the road, we all go ready and had to essentially get “oiled up” for the road. There was no way you were going on the road with Island Mas “Jab Jab”, clean. You could not avoid the oil if you wanted to. It was there, in plenty, with people waiting to oil up clean people. You actually felt you were not part of the band unless you were dutty!

The day started off wet and cold but once we hit the road, all vibes changed, the weather improved, the air filled with the sweet soca vibes and we went effortlessly along, chipping to the sweet soca tunes.  I can’t fault playing with Island Mas, they played the jab theme all day, Grenadian soca dominated the sounds, but the DJ’s mixed up the tunes nicely!  The drinks were also in plenty, we had the essential stock of alcohol, soft drinks and water handed out whenever we requested. The food, I had to say was average. Does any band get it right in London? As I said it was neither poor nor great, it was given and we ate gratefully.

Island mas on the road is not for the lazy. We rocked the road, we wuked up, feted and repped. I missed meeting with friends, I got drunk and can’t even remember elements of time on the road. Parts are missing  – so blame de rum and the “Jab Jab” fever for the short blog. However, Island Mas was a joy to be part of and had the one of the best times in a long time for a Sunday carnival.  I also do not think I heard one bad comment about Island Mas and I will be playing with them again for NHC 2017 Sunday Mas.

I am not sure why I was drawn to Island Mas, but here I am, I am here to stay.  Island Mas, I got you. Thank you in advance for my time on the de road!

Anyone else enjoy their experience with this band as much as I did?

Some pics of our Sunday Mas “Jab Jab” experience with Island Mas!


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