Oh sweet St Lucia Carnival 2017

“St Lucia was once described as the Helen of the West Indies, largely because its strategic location (within easy reach of North America) meant it was frequently fought over by Britain and France.

But the tropical Caribbean island has another, more obvious, similarity with Helen of Troy: its golden sands, palm fringed beaches and acres of rainforests, are strikingly beautiful.

Compared with its island neighbours, Barbados, Martinique and St Vincent and the Grenadines, tourism on St Lucia has grown relatively slowly. Life remains laidback and relaxed; days evolve at their own, unhurried pace: fishermen bring in their catch; families sell sweet bananas from roadside stalls; the sun rises over the hills and sets among the waves”

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Is Berlin carnival becoming a victim to its own success?

I have had the pleasure of watching this little golden nugget grow from a relatively small enjoyable carnival to one that is being oversold, over populated and now over hyped.  Is Berlin losing its crown or does it simply need to accommodate the accumulative growth and interest?

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Ibiza Soca Festival

Ibiza Soca Festival

Thu, Oct 15, 2020

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