Merry Christmas to the power of social media!

by | Dec 22, 2017 | 0 comments

Family should come first right especially at Christmas? Nope. Now it’s suicidal media. The amount of times that I am held accountable for engaging in a conversation but simultaneously checking essential Facebook alerts, the multiple whats app messages on my phone, or just generally multitasking with my many apps.  I have zero time to speak these days, but happy to leave you a voice note which is the greatest alternative to typing. We are an obsessed, technology driven nation and the need for more increases our reliance upon the internet.

We should not denounce the power of Facebook, YouTube or other social media tools, as some of us do. As too many times we can all be accused of using it as a tool for subliminal messaging, or even all out open warfare relating to how we feel. For the most, it brings the freedom to advertise, promote, diversify, teach, bring news and chat to people from all nations. I, myself, am learning, as we all are and used in the right way we can build solid support in our individual efforts. Big Shaq from the UK, dominated our feeds in the last few months just with “Man’s not hot” which went viral. In 2013 Bunji was able to cross over into the mainstream with his track Differentology.  That said, we have the world at our finger tips. We can be entrepreneurs from our sofa, just by posting a video, creating the next big thing and then we can become rich and lose our minds.  The phenomenal, expedient and often controversial growth in technology has allowed us to connect beyond our realms and that cannot be argued with. Suffice to say my blogging is not about how often I can party or how quickly I can get my pictures up! It is  about being supportive to the feters, promoters, artists, DJ’s and more importantly the future of our Notting Hill carnival, through my blogging.

Subsequently, my focus for 2018 will be UK-centric, that is the promotion of all our UK carnivals and without a doubt, supporting our UK Soca artists.  With this in mind and as 2017 comes to a close, I would like to wish all upcoming and established UK Soca artists and musicians the best of luck for 2018.

2018 promises a release of  new tunes from some of our most talented UK artists, including Jo Money and Terrah Dan, our current UK Power Monarchs. So I am urging all DJ’s to embrace their own homegrown talent, by playing their tracks and for the rest of us to listen, like and share!

Check out the video gallery for a small selection of tunes by UK Soca artists!

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year!



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