Need a Carnival T-Shirt?

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Welcome to Wongie Apparel

Always on the lookout for inspiring people, I found this amazing t-shirt design from Wongie Apparel on Instagram. Based in Guyana, this upcoming entrepreneur has designed the fab Nike inspired t-shirt featured on this post. It stood out, paying homage to Guyana, with it’s infused Guyana flag colours creating a drip effect on the logo.

Literally inspired by the Guyana 592 carnival, he bought his ideas to life and is now concentrating on building up his followers and exploring designs, like this smoke effect t-shirt below.

Check out his insta page, big him up, like the page and support our people!

Note to Wongie Apparel some of the best ideas come out of the gutter.

The Real Soca Deal is a huge supporter of new business starters and strives to help to leverage Caribbean focused businesses, artists and events. Contact the Real Soca Deal to promote or advertise your artistic creativity, events or business!


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