OUR Black Heroes

by | Jun 13, 2020 | 0 comments

We were watching, most of us kept away from the protests today. We were told to, were advised to and most of us heeded.

However, that is not to be said for the few. The defenders against the white racists. In fact, I don’t care but I am going to call them my ‘Black Heroes’ as they came to defend our people. Shout out to the defenders (the mandem): Patrick Hutchinson (@workoutwithhutch) @gogopierre @mrpain @chin82 @leesonstuff

For our ‘Black Hero’s’ went down there not to cause trouble, not to riot, but to ensure that our protestors – those that were brave enough to stand, were indeed protected.

A firm of five distinguished black brothers. Each accomplished, experienced, educated, trained, and non-aggressive, but representing us and our safety. Not bearing any arms, but in presence for the mere fact that our people are hurting and enough is enough. They stood ready to defend, not ready to roll… that’s that difference!

So THEY say we are aggresive…really?

Take a look at this picture? What does it say to you?.. or does it look like someone trying to help someone. NO colour involved. Just pure conscience. A white man getting set upon… NO, it wasn’t right, despite the anguish felt amongst our people, and I feel it, but all against one is not right, as the same in George Floyd.

So let’s ensure that the media celebrates this hero, for he, put his own issues aside and saved someone from dying from a needless death.

Let’s remember that life values above all. there should be no colour when determining life, as it’s not black against white, it’s everyone against racists.

#blacklivesmatter #blacklivesreallymattertome


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