Planning for the 2018 carnivals – decisions to make…!

by | Aug 17, 2017 | 9 comments

Yes, already I am thinking about next year’s carnivals!

I am very jealous of the travellers right now in Grenada and the ongoing slaughter on Facebook & Instagram with their posts.  In a few weeks, pictures of Nottinghill carnival will emerge and flood social media on bank holiday Monday. Just some four days later, I will be in New York feting up a storm for Labour Day.  However, its not enough that I have travelled already and due to travel again, but somehow I am already thinking about what am I doing for 2018 and more importantly, where am I going?


Call it carnival fever or carnival tabanca – whichever one, I got it hard.

I remember saying to my bestie in July this year, “I am not going to the Caribbean next year, I am concentrating on cheaper feting”.

Who told me to say that?


As not a month had passed and I am like to the same mate, “…..babe what do you think about Bermuda or touring the USA and their carnivals next year”? …Needless to say, I could ‘see and hear’ the look on the phone, as I had previously sold and stipulated to her, that we were doing UK and European carnivals only in 2018.

However, plans were set in my mind for 2018, before I had even gone to St Vincent! You see, I had already been churning, steadfastly calculating the phenomenal loss of pounds that I would need to spend on costumes, travelling, accommodation and more importantly the rum. I had discounted Trinidad back then, on the grounds of expense – as you need two weeks and two grand for that one trip. Soca Ibiza Weekender  & Bachannal Jamaica, with my crew was definitely on the agenda. However, to maximise on feting experiences, a nice little trick is trying to combine island hops to other carnivals that are on around the same time, so waiting to see the carnival 2018 release dates to see what other carnivals I can squeeze in.

I have been to most of the biggest carnivals now and have been doing some research on carnivals and places that I have not been to, like St Thomas, Guyana or the Cayman Islands.  Equally, the US hosts Caribbean carnivals in many US states, with the majority us who would have visited New York or Miami. Nevertheless, there are whole host of carnivals in the US that are untapped by us European folk.  Trinidad is so ingrained in us for the ultimate experience, that anywhere else just doesn’t stand a chance to compete for a flight booking.  The US Caribbean excursion is a little personal project of mine as I feel I have got to get to Atlanta, Jacksonville, Boston and Philadelphia as a start, coupled with travelling to the many other carnivals in the US 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, there are carnivals that I have been to, that I want to go again, St Vincent & Grenada and I will do. That said, I am not arguing with my soul, Trinidad is in my blood coursing through my veins; and every year that said carnival calls me, unfortunately, so does my credit card company.  Sadly, the rest of my travels for 2018 are solely dependent on friends availability and budget for all. The alternative is that I live frugally for 6 months, and make card holder’s happy. Or I go it alone with a clear conscience and a new credit card.




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Ibiza Soca Festival

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