Soca on the Seas 2020: The Asia Edition

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Get ready for the extravagance in 2020 that is, Soca on the Seas!

Welcome to Soca on the Seas – the Asia Edition.

Centered around showcasing Caribbean and Latino cultures, Soca on the seas is essentially a 7-day extravaganza on and offboard a cruise ship. Travelling onboard the luxurious Quantum of Seas, guests will be treated to an event filled cruise to 4 different countries from the 2nd to 9th April 2020. However, Soca on the Seas is more than just a soca cruise event and is considered to be the next breakthrough in vacation cruise adventures; with guests taken on a musical journey, featuring some of the top Caribbean artists & DJs, performing across the exotic destinations.

I was intrigued as to just how long they have been around and more importantly, what could guests expect? Catching up with one of the event partners and organisers, Juliana, I was keen to explore more information about this exciting event.

What is Soca on the Seas… another soca cruise fete?

Well essentially yes. However, the differences are really the creativity behind the event, in that our cruises incorporate travelling to several countries. We also offer our guests the chance to offboard in each destination, plus we host a range of events that are held both on board and offshore. What it is not, is a glorified boat cruise and is more about the ethos and that theme is apparent within our promotions, as the team is continuously inspired to create…

…an experience that will hopefully change your life forever, turning strangers in friends and friends into family…..

Juliana, a founder partner of Soca on the Seas

We welcome everyone. Even people that have come alone can be partnered with a like-minded traveler and have personally seen the majority of those partnerships blossom into firm friendships.

It is important to note that we have taken Soca on the Seas to 15 countries (30 ports) in just 3 years and our travel itinerary has included, worldwide destinations such as The Mexican Riviera, The Bahamas, Europe, The Middle East & The Mediterranean! For 2020, we are excited to bring the Soca on the Seas Asia Edition. Cruising to 4 destinations within Asia, packaged with an itinerary that will ensure that our guests are always entertained.

How did the idea Soca on the Seas start?

The origins actually come from my travel company, HJTravels and was just a natural progression into organising soca events. I love my Caribbean music and I work in travel, so it worked. My aim is actually to take Soca global.

How are you different from other soca cruises?

Well, the entire boat is not chartered solely for the event. Soca on the Seas is just one part of the cruise, so not only do you have all the Soca events that you can attend, but the cruise ship events also! Since we do not charter the entire cruise ship for this event, it is also open to other guests that are also on board to attend our events. I am passionate about showcasing our Caribbean culture and for it to continue to appeal to a global audience.

You are also being taken on a cruise that comprises of several destinations, each with its own unique day event. The ticket price does include some sightseeing tours, so you have the added opportunity to offboard for the day in each destination. However, you can just stay on the ship or indulge in one of the daily activities, showcased events and themes. Rest assured all of this is included in your ticket cost.

What we do not differ in, is our ability to attract the top soca artists and have artists perform in past such as Angela Hunt, Bunji Garlin, Alison Hinds, Problem Child and Talpree to name but a few.

Unlike many other cruise events, Soca on the Seas charters this event twice a year, always bringing you to different, exotic locations. It is also much smaller in size which ensures that your trip is more personalised as we take the time to know and understand our new travellers.

We do not want to be in competition with other soca cruise events. As I already mentioned, we are definitively smaller in size and host a more intimate scene. We attract a mature crowd of like-minded party-goers from around the world but we do welcome all ages (over the age of 18).

So what is this Soca cruise offering?

We are offering this extravaganza over 7 days, starting from 2nd April with guests needing to fly into Singapore. Where you will stay for 2 nights at the Marina Sands Hotel. Two events are planned for the 2 day stay, the rooftop welcome party (Singapore) and the Jab Jouvert. (Indonesia).

Marina Sands Hotel at night, Singapore

Marina Sands Hotel Rooftop Bar, Singapore

From the 4th April our guests will then embark on a luxurious cruise around Asia. The cruise ship itself is staggering in size and welcomes a 360-degree view on the top deck of the ship available to the cruise ship attendees. There is also a range of Cabins that are available for all traveller budgets.

The Soca on the Seas event itinerary includes:

Soca on Seas travel itinerary

For 2020, I am pleased to announce that Denise Belfon will one of the artists performing. Trinidad & Tobago TV personality Joel Villafana will also be on board with the most recent winner of Cup of Joe – Flavours at Fiesta!

For details of all the featured artists, guests and travel itinerary, it will be available on our website but check out our Instagram page for updates also.

Wi-Fi & beverage packages will be available as well as land tours & other cruise events.

Where can we find more information about Soca on the Seas?

There is still time to book your ticket and experience what Soca on the Seas has to offer; shows on multiple stages throughout the ship, outrageous activities, offboard opportunities and a chance to interact with your favorite artists!

We have several partners and are currently offering a promotional discount, of up to $100 off if you book via Soca Tribes. For the Soca Tribes promotional discount. BOOK NOW via their facebook page at

You can also scan and use the Soca Tribes QR code

The Real Soca Deal is happy to be part of the Soca on the Seas team and will be there filming and interviewing live from the event.

The question is – where will you be?

Soca on the Seas Countdown!

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