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Admittedly, I had given Flagz a hard time over the years. I wasn’t their best ‘feting’ friend, but that was simply down to my lack of understanding about the Flagz entity and I was somewhat lost in a negative stance, over one particular event.  However, a few members are friends of mine, so when I heard about Socaroke my interest was immediately piqued and I wanted to attend to find out more about this social event.  With ticket prices advertised at £3.00, £5.00 & £10.00 respectively this was definitely value for money, plus we managed to purchase the early bird tickets.


The event itself was held on 24th November, at Riley’s Sports Bar in London.  It was a cold night, but the location on Haymarket was ideal as it was easily accessible by tube or bus. It was published to start from 9pm but we arrived around 11.30pm and entered with no hassle, no queues and no standing around in the cold.  With the event held in a large room upstairs, you literally entered straight into immediate vibes. As I scanned the room, it was more than sufficiently filled and there were already people either liming, indulging in some kind of gaming activity, or chatting and dancing. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and very different to some of the events I had attended before. We had space, a wicked selection of DJ’s playing music, friends and gaming delights – it was the ultimate night out. In fact the only issue we had was the discussion we had beforehand on what to wear, as the dress situation is always a dilemma for ladies.  However, we all decided that we were going smart casual and to be honest that was the tone that everyone went for. The place was adorned with beautiful, young ladies dressed in so many various impeccable styles. The young men also made stylistic efforts to sport that individual London look.

Billed as “The Social”, that was indeed what it was. An indoor lime, an adults’ playground ingeniously set in a sports hall, which was already equipped with pool, football and table tennis tables, several mammoth-inch LCD screens in which Fifa 18 and other gaming competitions were being held. There were around a dozen other tables that served as areas for playing dominoes or jenga. There were card tables also, so there really was something for everyone. There was even a table for the more serious domino players. The only thing I missed was Connect 4, I came looking to find worthy opponents, I was ready! Alas, it was not to be, they did not have it, but I subsequently found that I was quite good at jenga so that became my passion for a few hours.  The venue also had the benefit of having a fully stocked bar, with reasonably priced drinks.

Rum Pong

The game of the night was Rum Pong. Never heard of it and never played it, but with the strategic rules advertised beforehand I am sure this was not a new game. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to play, but it was a very popular game!

I have to say that we were literally stumped for words at times for what we walked into, as a fantastic vibe ensued.  I’ve got to hand it the Flagz team, I was super impressed with their selection of DJ’s, as the complement of good music set as a backdrop of any event is always a bonus. All of the DJ’s who played impressed me with their individual styles, however, it has to be said that Majikal stood out for me.  He possessed a fabulous aura and he knew how to spin tunes and select. That DJ had some of ladies changing it from a lime into a mini fete!  After we all had indulged in several drinks, games and dancing – we left around 2.30am feeling more than satisfied with our night out.

Flagz – Young Innovators

It is worthy to note that Flagz are not just a team of DJs, a mas band or event hosts.  They are a progressive collaborative unit with multiple interests, including their own radio station.  I am not even sure if anyone was aware that Flagz are involved with setting up workshops with local communities and schools, supporting and appearing at local carnivals and festivals.  Well I didn’t before this article. Also interesting to note, is that they have been actively supporting the Grenfell community since the tragedy; and it is these findings alone that have bought a new level of respect that I possess for this team. The young innovators, that they seem to be.  The Flagz team have also won awards over the years, notably, the Challenge Shield Award for Best Medium Size Band of the Year in 2009, subsequently retaining this award again in 2010 and 2011.  Since they launched in 2007, Flagz have gone from strength to strength, building a league of young followers. Events such as Soca vs Dancehall fetes are legendary and tickets often sell out as soon as the event is advertised. They just don’t stop with their enthusiastic energy! I am keen to find out more about Flagz and their team efforts, and will be supporting this through future blogs.

However, if you missed this event, don’t make the mistake of missing the next one. You just have to go as, I, for sure will be there!

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