Sunny side up – yes please!

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Sunday 2nd September 2017

I need to work out the origins of sunny side up and will revisit this later, but all I know is that their fetes are legendary all over the Caribbean.  I went to my first one last year in NY and it did not disappoint. It was based in a theme park and in an area dedicated to the fete. Music pumped from massive speakers set all around and we partied and drank till it done! This year, the venue had moved at very short notice, but it made no difference, the fete was live.

To be honest, even though the fete was billed to start at 11am, it did not really kick off until 3pm. The reason being, the weather. From the early hours of Sunday morning right up until 2pm it rained. No normal rain mind you, it was torrential, big damn drops of rain that you just can’t fete in, unless you were there already and blind drunk. People just could not and would not turn up until it stopped and when it did, the sun came out and it was surprisingly warm! Even if it was cold, people would still turn up in shorts, its just the prerequisite for feting isn’t it? You kinda feel out of place at times if you dont wear shorts, people looking at you in your long pants thinking your crazy.

For the 2nd year running I had a really good time, I could not really complain at all. From the security, the crowd, the vibe, the DJ’s, the bar, everything about Sunny Side Up was wickedly good.

There was a main stage and normally I never go to the front of a stage as its always crowded and being little like me, your prone to being pushed and squashed. However, it was fine, there was space, we found our friends and the fete started.  We had a selection of DJ’s and the billed line up was, Back 2 Basics and Tony X, Notorious, Milo Myles, Patrick Hype Man, CIN, One Gyal Army & Anonymous. My gosh, with on point DJ’s foam, water and fun, I couldn’t ask for anything else in a fete.. I truly had a ball. My faith was restored in fetes, in that, they can come back year after year and be greater than the last. A few achieve this, Sunny Side Up is not in that statistic, they get it right.

My only one single complaint was the parking, it’s like London, very little places to park freely but there were car parks and these owners make money. Due to the lack of parking facilities, organisations have bought out land to use as car parks and its lucrative. For our 5 hr stint at Sunny Side Up we were charged $45 dollars. This price must have included a “danger watch” premium, in that your car was kept safe, I really can’t think about anything else for that price.

Regardless of this one tiny complaint, its recommended, you just got to reach a sunny side up fete.


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