Sweat in the City: London’s biggest Soca fitness fete

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Is Sweat in the City the biggest Soca fitness fete in London?

It’s January 2018 and the carnival chimes are ringing loudly as the carnival season approaches and we ladies want our bodies primed and ‘ready for de road’. I had written an article on Sweat in the City’s debut back in August 2017 and so had eagerly awaited the comeback, which had been billed as London’s biggest Soca fitness fete. Imagine a two-hour Soca-cise fete class without all the stresses of conventional gym workouts. Sweat in the City did not disappoint as it came back bigger and better.  I also loved the fact that they are incorporating a holistic approach to the theme, as they are actually promoting healthier living, in addition to exercise. Sweat in the City is also affiliated with businesses promoting their healthy goods, who provided giveaways such as, organic drinks & snacks on the night.  A selection of complimentary sports massages for pre or post workouts were also on offer.  However, the music was already pumping and walked down the steps into the large sea of women.

“We women, want our carnival bodies” – that message was loud and clear as this class was jam-packed, I mean it was a sold out event and you just about had enough space for movement. The session itself was a series of high-cardio workouts, delivered by four experienced fitness instructors. Using blended choreography the participants were also inspired by the energy and the appeal of live Soca music delivered by a host of top DJ’s  to get us through the intensive sessions. It really is a revolutionary workout, but equally a highly effective and fun form of exercise that allows you to hone in those “whining” techniques. You will have so much fun, that you won’t realise how much of a sweat you worked up with the instructors.

Imagine being able to incorporate whining as a way into a fitter and healthier you!

Watch the everyone sweat to the
Soca in the City!

The Badass Sweat in the City Soca Fitness Instructors

The Fantastic Four

Gail: Gail was one of the first instructors to get us warmed up and hyped for the session and she certainly did not fail. Gail has actually taught Soca fitness from ‘back in the day’ in East and South London and is a master to ‘go down low and whine and come up’

Kwaku: I love Kwaku from @azontofitness. Kwaku is highly energetic and never fails to provide us with fun choreography for afrobeats routines.  Get ready to Azonto in his classes!

Brian: Briansheppard, our little Trini Soca powerhouse,  has a unique style to his workout routines, but he always aims to ensure that everyone has a great workout. There is no stopping in his class!

Andrea: @Angechacha, the Nubian Queen. A dynamite physique (I hate the way I admire her body…. ALWAYS). Andrea has indeed perfected the way of smiling, whilst delivering a tough workout. She has a unique abundance of stamina and her squats are legendary and terrifying at the same time. If I want that butt, I got to get down….oh yeah and back up again.

Sweat in the City Soca Fitness Fete

The  Sweat in the City DJ’s:

The DJs are a musical force to be reckoned with and have had the pleasure of being entertained by a range of these DJ’s at numerous events. I am even sure that some of the people had purchased tickets for Sweat in the City, due to the DJ line up and the fact that they would be working out to some of the latest tunes. With DJ DTee as the host, compere and one of the trio of DJ’s for the evening, he ensured the hype remained. DJ Triple M and DJ Credable made up the other two DJ’s and together, they rocked the fitness routines.

The Wellness Lounge

For the first time, Sweat in the City featured an on-site ‘wellness lounge’, an incorporation of the holistic approach. A set up that consisted of complimentary sports massages, healthy snacks, wardrobe advice, personal training sign-ups, natural beauty products and much more.

Tariq Khan – Personal Trainer

This class certainly was an attack on fitness restoration, as the team provided pre and post complimentary sports massages from several massage companies.  I was one of the lucky few that had a massage from @tk.powerupfitness. Tariq is not only a mobile personal trainer, but he does nutrition, weight management and is a fully qualified sports masseuse and this guy hurt me.  I mean he could massage. Any aches or pains from the classes were kneaded, slapped, cupped and massaged out, no lactic acid build up left. I can only seriously recommend looking him up and booking a session, soon!

Email: tariqkhanuk@icloud.com | Mobile: 07958 187 087

Darius Popescu

Darius specialised in deep tissue massage and was there to accommodate the aches and pains in the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to witness the magic of his hands but no there no grumbles from the army of people that sought his services. He definitely did not displease.

Email: astericsa@yahoo.com | Mobile: 07984 598 147

London Pro Massage

@London Pro Massage was another team of massage specialists who performed profound mini treatments for those who benefitted from their hands. Whilst the team only provided neck and shoulder massages, they actually offer a wide range of bespoke treatments. Check out their Instagram link.


The Naturshot team were one of a number of vendors who marketed their product ranges. Several team members were on hand to answer any questions, provide information.  Taste tests were available for those wanting to try a natural, pure juice blend. I even tried a pure juice shot which was made with a combination of highly nutritious fruits, vegetables and superfood ingredients. I am told the range is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and find it hard to manage a healthy diet. Visit the Naturshot website for more details where to purchase!

Well worth the money!

So to sum up, that’s a two-hour fitness class, hosted by top-class instructors, with live DJ’s, access to the wellness lounge, a range of complimentary massages and a goodie bag. All of this was inclusive for the price of the fitness ticket. Do I hear bargain?

The Sweat in the City series is a Soca fitness class you just have to experience. Supported by Carnival Slayers, DTee in de Party, Release d Riddim Communities, Island Girls Rock, Aesthetic Candy, Naturshot, Relax & Unwind, Bakhanal Radio and Soca News. 

Check out Addicted2Fitness Sweat in the City Facebook page for updates on the next event.

Event tickets costs: Early bird tickets £12 / General tickets £15


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