Sunday 1st May 2017

I had heard about Tears mas band over the years, but paid little attention as I was still with Burrokeets mas band, possibly moving on to try other bands. From what I could gather, Tears Mas Band was the brainchild of Morris Roots. A renowned, internationally acclaimed and Award winning Loctician. Morris is also the founder of Morris Roots Salons, including the Morris Roots Academy, School of Locs and had three salons in London. I am not sure of the connection with carnival but I am hoping to get the chance to interview him for a perspective blog at some point.

With regards to on the road experiences with Tears, friend’s past experiences had ranged from okish, to issues with music, costumes or food – the usual really. I also had attended their launch in 2016  but was not impressed with their costumes (and was not as yet operating this blog site). Sure, the costumes at the launch were pretty but they were standard norm. Nothing really stood out and they all were the same but in different colours. I am sure they were stunning on the road, but for me it just did not grab me or warrant purchasing.

We arrived at the event for 8.30pm and like with all small bands, the hosting for these events are impeccable. Good food with good service precedes overally and could not fault the catering with a choice of soups, curries, rotis and jerked chicken meals. There was also the essential, well stocked bar which never ceased to the supply the thirsty. The mood was good, the weather was nice and the usual suspects started arriving. This year however, I came with the anticipation that we would see something great.  Tears  had left their launch till late, thus leaving the somewhat loyalists waiting with baited breath, as to what creations would be bestowed upon them. Luckily we were entertained by music and guest entertainers whilst waiting. One notable guest were a set of African drummer who played a set for 20 minutes, enchanting the crowd with their bass and rhythmic beat of their drums. Several powerful pieces later that had us dancing and clapping for more at the end. In terms of the launch, Tears did not disappoint. The venue and mood was immaculate. Mood lighting with lit runway to accentuate the models costume runway experience. The launch started late (nothing unusual, about 1hr later) but what it lacked in its timeliness, it certainly made up for in its explosive entree.  DJ’s and a compere initiated the long anticipated event with an array of foreboding costume designs, that  I actually could not make up my mind at first, as to whether I wanted to dance in costume or fun mas with them. However, the costume I chose came up on stage, and that was it, I was hooked, with line and sinker.

In all there were three sections presented,  Andromeda, Centarus (for male and females), Nebula and one fun mas section, Galaxia (for male and females). The presentation drew me and gasps and from the locked audience. Andromeda came on and the model, my friend, rocked the costume. It was hot, hot, hot!! but judge for yourself from the pics. However, it was the Centaurus section that piqued my interest and I booked and paid my deposit almost instantly for Centarus! Each of the models each held their own on the stage, if there were nerves, they certainly did not show, these beauties showcased the costumes to the max! Andromeda ardently was the costume of the evening, modelled by my lovely friend.

After the successful launch, it descended into madness with DJ’s now playing for the crowds, getting us all to wuk up in a frenzy. Although the vibe was nice, it was a Sunday and I had the work the next day, so unfortunately could not stay until the end.  What I will state as an end note, is that prices are ridiculously affordable for the costume experience, £300 for my front line costume which included, Sunday Mas T-shirt, Toilet truck on road, Top DJ’s, alcohol, breakfast, food – an all inclusive package for a very reasonable price.

I would definitely recommend jumping with Tears Mas Band, not just for the package alone, but for the reputation that precedes them. Morris Roots does have a reputation to provide the best and whilst I cannot comment upon the experience yet, all will be revealed after my time on the road with them, in my next blog.

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