The countdown is on. How many days until carnival? Do you have your carnival costume booked? Have you  paid that final instalment? Got your carnival gear and accessories in check? Make up booked? Don’t leave things until last minute, its the worst to find everything is sold out when you need essentials like boots or a customised drinking cup or tights. I gave up on tights 5 years ago, after a spending a fortune every year and seeing others not bothering. I would buy expensive flesh coloured tights (to me anyway) and they would rip way too easily. I would bring at least four packets to last on the road each year. I want to feel free on the road, so tights is off the list, for me anyway.

Us Londoners swear by the greatness of Nottinghill as much as Trinis to the Trinidad carnival and Bajas to Cropover. I have been playing mas in Nottinghill, I swear since I could walk, but its reaching 40 years. However, the disorganised prep and on the road, only adds to the overall excitement of the day ahead.

Thankfully, with technology we have a whatsapp group for the bands masqueraders and can flood the forum with direct questions. Friday we received our costume pick up information and for the first time I had a South London pick up (albeit I have to travel to West London to pick up my  Sunday mas t-shirt). However, my good mate is coming with me for the ride so the journey from South to West to South again, will not seem so lengthy.

This will be my first time on the road with Tears Mas Band and I can’t wait as for the first time, I am on the road with a number of friends, when usually I am on my own!

So roll on August 28th and lets see what Tears Mas Band has to offer 🙂

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