the black movement: is it moving?

by | Jun 13, 2020 | 0 comments

Where next for the protests for Black Lives Matter? Will there actually be a movement? Are the two questions that are consistently being when interviewed. I have given my own personal opinions in regards to the UK police treatment of black people, the subsequent murder of George Floyd and the many other ‘unlawful’ black murders around the world.

But I am still being asked why so many people are coming to protest? Well, with nothing to do but sit at home and watch the news, this has been center stage news…..the world had nothing else to do and the world on social media was watching. This death was too real, too deep to ignore. With no festivals, no new reality TV, and locked in from COVID 19 for months, this was the step too far and has ardently added to the attributing unrest, that many feel has been warranted.

Finally, we are being seen and more importantly heard.  The movement is real people and its unlike no other, for all races are onside and witnessing the deliberate betrayal of not only US and UK governments, but worldwide.

I don’t know, this is deep, deeper than any unrest that has gone on before. 

The funny thing is that some people are actually thinking that protests will end and we will move on and go back to normal.  However, if you’re not part of the underground, then you have no idea of the movement. For we aren’t sitting still. Nope, we all are opening our eyes, and seeing realism… things that are so blatantly wrong and fighting back. So please don’t feel like this “black” movement is resting on its laurels, as it’s not.

It’s all so new and still so raw, we are digesting, thinking and definitely working.  Don’t any of you try to think any differently, reach out and support the movement. It’s here, it’s real, we are awake, we are growing and change is definitely coming.

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