The exciting V-Kut Carnival stocKING by Kandi

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I think I had an OMG moment when I stumbled upon this article.

Where have I been? Why didn’t I know about the V-Kut?

I stopped wearing stocking simply because of the fact that you could not always fix them neatly in your bikini bottom. With costume bikinis now designed smaller, this is an issue for masqueraders.

Well, stop your old stocking order as Kandi is in town and I am giving her the title of “Queen of the carnival stockings”, for she has gone beyond a spectacular revelation. The V-Kut.

Kandi’s inspiration for the product was borne of similar thoughts as she stated:

“I was looking at photos after Carnival and every photo I saw the waistbands showing. I said this is a problem, why isn’t the waistband in a V so the waistline isn’t showing”?

Why didn’t I think of that? Well you may of or you indeed did give it some thought, but Kandi was the King, acted upon the idea and bought her sketches alive to be produced into what they are today.

Kandi’s product is also in demand, so if you are wanting to look your finest for carnival, contact Kandi and place your order.

Click on the link below to access Kandi’s Website for stocKing order and availability. Also, check out her Caribbean concierge services offered.

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