The Guyana Carnival 2019 UK Launch

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The Real Soca Deal is excited to be supporting the team behind the UK Section Launch for Guyana Carnival 2019. Guyana is also the Real Soca Deal’s carnival spotlight for 2019, so had been looking forward to the launch, that was held on Sunday 8th January.

Why launch a section Guyana Carnival?

With Guyana’s first official carnival launch in 2018, this paved the way for the idea of a UK section for the 2019 event. The idea for participation was based upon the section’s designer, Patricia Sawyerr, who had visited the carnival in 2018. With her desire to design internationally, she collaborated with Guyana’s Genesis Mas Band and had also connected with another team founding member, Patrick Joseph of Duck & Drake Promotions, in the UK. Who were also establishing themselves with Guyana and the desire to also be involved. With a few other members, they effectively established as a team, whose backgrounds were primarily Guyanese; it was a great match for all who collectively wanted to participate and market their home carnival from the UK.

Presenting the Lost world of Z.

Designer: Patricia Sawyerr

The inspiration behind the theme: The Lost World of Z, was in relation to a book that the designer had read, The Lost City of Z. A book that was based around British explorers in South America, searching for new cities and in particular the Amazon rainforests. The greenery and colour of the of rainforests was ardently the definitive inspiration behind the theme. As also the name Bartica, which incidentally, is a town in Guyana. The theme’s significance and relevance was portrayed through the process including the launch, with greenery featured throughout, that reflected the flooring and fauna found in the Amazon rainforest.

The Guyana Carnival launch models

Meanwhile, backstage, the models Marlena, Shamauya, and Alicia were already in full makeup session with MUA, Kemi.

If you want to find out who the models are, watch the video below for a snippet into the transformation of the models for the evening.

Models getting ready..

The Guyana UK Section Launch

Arriving slightly earlier than the set time and I found the team and groups of people already in motion. Everyone was busy and engaged in setting up the venue and the staging. It was beautifully decorated with an abundance of leaf and greenery to enhance the theme. A runway was built for the models to showcase the costumes, with a stage area for the DJs and performance. Decorated tables and chairs adorned the centre and the scene set was reminiscent of a rainforest, that all added to the finishing touches of this highly anticipated event. All of the team were also visible in their striking red t-shirts and were on hand to answer any questions.

At the launch, you were treated to a selection of top DJs, with SuperTrini as compere for the evening. Food was also available to purchase and a reasonably priced bar to buy your drinks. The doors opened at 5pm and by 8pm the venue was full, people were ready to view the costumes! We did not have to wait too long, as the lights were dimmed and the models took themselves onto the runway, to the sounds of Winey Winey, by Timeka Marshall. The models looked beautiful in their costumes as they sashayed down the runway looking resplendent in Patricia’s designs. The crowd’s reactions were positive, the costumes looked amazing and the three models had come out to massive applause.

What does Guyana have to offer?

Whilst, the idea of going to and playing mas in Guyana may not yet appeal to the masses. It is worth noting that Guyana can draw the major artists with the likes of Machel and Bunji performing at the carnival fetes. Unfortunately, Guyana is not known as a beach destination, however, it is extremely rich in beauty, with rainforest tours to experience for the daring few and it’s waterfalls are amazing. Yes Guyana has fetes and it’s hosting of its new carnival is in its infancy, but it may also prove to be its greatest strength.

So, now that you know the theme, have seen the costumes and a little of whats to offer in Guyana. It’s not too late to book your ticket and register for your participation in Guyana carnival! With Guyana only in its second year of hosting a carnival and judging by the favorable reviews and videos from the fete goers last year, its exciting time to be there. It also is the home of some of the new soca artists such as Jumo Primo, with his track Jam it.

Think about Guyana, why not make a change and,‘ indulge in something new and exciting’.

For those of you who are still planning their carnivals this year. Read the Real Soca Deal’s article on carnival 2019 ‘spotlights, letting you know the ‘must reach’ Carnival destinations for this year. Guyana carnival is definitively, the Real Soca Deal’s carnival spotlight this year and one not to be missed!

It’s really not too late to register for Guyana Carnival. Just click on the link.

Click on the Instagram & Facebook links to follow Guyana carnival for updates.

See you in Guyana!


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