The Ibiza Soca Festival 2018

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I guess there are now not that many people who do not know about the Ibiza Soca Festival. I mean it categorically blew up social media and turned it into a frenzied posting of Ibiza pics and selfies by the event goers. This was a Caribbean Soca festival in Ibiza, Spain. Only in its second year, this team had put on a faultless display of organisation, spectacular events and an array of top Soca artists and DJs to host the event. I wanted to find some faults, honestly, but I couldn’t. Suffice to say, I believe that this soca festival could stand amongst the ‘giants’ of carnivals hosts. The Ibiza Soca Festival completely outdid itself and it was literally the place to be at this year. Fete after fete, were imploded upon us. There was no time to stop and sleep… but of course, there were the secret after parties for the hardcore feters.

Ibiza Rocks was the main hotel for the accommodation bookings and the epicenter of the pool parties, so being based there was essentially key. In addition to that, absolutely everything was accessible and within walking distance from the hotel. You did not need to get any taxis to the clubs, nor to get food, unless you were travelling to or from the airport, too lazy to walk, or doing the tourist thing. It is important to note that whilst, Ibiza can be warm at this time of the year, it can also be prone to chilly bouts of weather, so always bring a jacket or a warm top. Unless you drank nuff rum, then you would be perfectly fine…

In terms of the fetes, your wristbands got you into the fetes within the duration of your stay; and no fete disappointed. The Army fete was the first I attended at Eden nightclub and the vibe was clear as you entered. People were there to fete, with notable representations from the mighty “Super Soca Crews” such as the Dutch Soca Lovers, French, Kiss and Wine, French Soca Lovers, German Soca Junkies, Swiss Soca Crew. We had so many countries representing the love of soca, at times, it was breathtaking to see such love. I also could not believe the line up we had over the 5 days, as we were treated to artists such as Kes, Motto, Lavaman, Lil Rick, Skinny Fabulous, Rick T, Nailah Blackman…. and then the DJ’s keeping us moving with International Stephen, Back 2 Basics, Freeze International, Titan VCD, QT 2 Hype, DJ Tate, Triple M, French, Kiss & Wine, Soca Lyon, Mr. Redz, DJ Mack, DJ Guff Nuff, DJ Markee, Release di Riddim, Trini Gladiator, Highscore.

Ibiza ardently had the capability to host the types of feting we required and events were hosted in some of the best nightclubs. For instance, Es Paradise was an amazing nightclub which mirrored a Roman coliseum with grandiose pillars, gifted with ornate decor. The venue was vast in size, around 6 bars to choose from, spaces around the bar area and elevated platforms that you could wuk up on or watch from above. The best part was the ‘playpen’. Set in an almost deep pit in the club, it could handle the madness and the rest of us could watch from above and stay relatively dry and /or clear. It was the perfect venue to host the J’ouvert fete, for its mechanics could spit paint and water for any that wanted to indulge. It was a paint fest indeed. The wet fete was an equally impressive event that was also held there, with jets of water streaming into the pit for those that wanted to indulge in a ‘wet fete‘, all with continuous jets of water sprayed at you.

The pool parties at Ibiza rocks became legendary with those that dared to dive in and with the second pool party themed as a carnival costume mas fete, the majority actually came out to parade their favourite mas costumes.

Carnival Costume Mas Fete

Music Credit: Mason & Vaughn, Same thing

To my dismay, I had to leave on the Sunday, which meant that I missed out on the grand finale. The Circo de Soca, which took place on Monday 14th May at the Ocean beach club. Judging by the videos and commentary from those that attended it was a spectacular, jaw-dropping, carnivalesque affair.

Photo Credit: @aya_images

The Ibiza Soca Festival was amazing and the team deserves a massive round of applause and a big pat on the back, for this event was excellently organised. With updates all year round and up to the event. You could even download the Ibiza Soca Festival official mobile app, which meant you needed little assistance. All with a team on hand, almost 24/7 to deal with any questions. There were very minor issues I encountered and if any, you could put down to teething problems.

Watch out Berlin and Rotterdam Carnival’s, Ibiza is coming to steal that crown! It really was a ‘Soca Kingdom’ for a few days. So with that, I will leave those that attended, a little reminder of our time. … and those that didn’t ..well you watch and ensure that you book early for 2019.

Music Credit: Machel & SuperBlue, Soca Kingdom


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