Labor Day Weekend | Sunday 3rd September 2017

Ever since my cousin sent me the promo link for ‘Tipsy’, I had been excited to attend this highly anticipated event. More than 20 artists were scheduled to perform and I could not wait…

Tipsy Promotion – Rupee Birthday Bash, Labor Day Weekend

I had turned down the chance in London to go to Busshead, the Machel and Bunji concert, to go to Tipsy, as it that event was costing £70 just for two artists. Tickets sales for ‘Tipsy’ were available from several outlets but I used Etix (the US equivalent of Eventbrite), $60 for a standard ticket and $100 for the VIP ticket.  It was a no-brainer to attend this event as opposed to Busshead. Luckily, I was advised to purchase VIP tickets for ‘Tipsy’ as these were supposed to provide you with an express entrance into the venue, front stage view, secured areas and personal bartender service.

Getting to the venue was no problem since this was a large casino resort and there were plenty of parking spaces for free. The venue itself was impressive, floors of casino halls with the event on the upper floor (note that you could actually go into the casino which a lot of people did pre and post event).  So off we headed to our ‘express’ entry. Upon approach there were no queues but they had run out of VIP wristbands and so a chase ensued to find more wristbands. Three ladies were situated at the desk constantly looking for the man with the bands, as the queue built up and the grumblings of folk on the edge of anarchy could be felt. It took 20 minutes to locate a batch. I was not happy as the standard queue was moving swiftly through but despite this little hiccup, we got through and entered into a night that I had hoped to be amazing.

The event was in what I can liken to a banqueting room, there was a large bar area to left, seated areas further on and  the main stage at the front with the secured VIP access. Security was tight and if you did not sport your wristband you were not getting in, the security also roamed the area checking, so even if you sneaked in you were bound to be spotted and escorted right back out. The VIP area was amazing, limited tickets were sold to ensure that it was not too packed and you actually got front stage view. I mean you were right up close to the artists performing!

Standard tickets had the area further back from the VIP area and whilst it was still lively, the VIP area was were the vibe and all the action were at. To attend this event, you just had to have VIP tickets.

Since we got there after midnight, we missed a few of the initial artists but was in time to see Peter Ram, Kes the band, Riccardo Drue, King Bubba, MX Prime, my hero Kerwin Du Bois, Lyrical, Shal Marshall, Skinny Fabulous, Razor, Bunji, Faye Ann Lyons and Machel.

It would be long and drawn out blog post if I commented upon every single artist, there were just too many to name all that excited me. Hosted by Rupee, each artist were each given stage time for around 15 minutes each.  the ones that stood out for me in performance, were Kes the band. He is such a talented young man. I mean he can actually sing, his entrance was an acappella style, breaking into an avalanche of our favourite tracks, one amazing artist! I am sure he was given a longer time than all of the other artists. Also onstage was one of my favourite Vincy artists, Skinny Fabulous who commands such a huge stage presence and his power vocals performing “Good People”. Orlando Octave providing a stunning lyrical genius. However, it was  Bunji Garlin & Faye Ann Lyons that tore down the place as well the finale collaboration with Machel Montana & Bunji Garlin. This incredible night also saw us been entertained by a top selection of DJ’s including my very own favourite DJ Private Ryan.

My only one criticism was the apparent lack of female artists, the ratio of men to women performers was really poor.  Destra was on the billing but I am not sure if she actually performed and other than Faye Ann, there were no other women soca artists. Nevertheless, I could not be any more positive in my review of this event. For $100 you were entertained by top soca artists and DJ’s, complete value for money. This was Rupee’s first attempt at collaborating with so many DJ’s in one night and was hailed as a major sucess. I would arguably jet to NY just to attend this event next year.

One to reach next year for sure folks.