Will Corona Virus stop the mas!

by | Mar 12, 2020 | 0 comments

No-one anticipated the effect of this virus on the world and with Italy, Denmark and seemingly the US suspending flights from some countries – what in the world is going to happen to our carnival mas?

There are so many challenges, pros & cons in suspending a major event, but with some countries now suspending events, travel, schools and universities; people have no idea what could happen if they are trying to return to back to a country that may have gone into isolation? Things are moving that quickly, and as I write Ireland has been added to the list.

I am sure that we are all watching and waiting to see the effects on carnival, as Europe plans to ban large gatherings over 500 people. After all, there were no Corona Virus reports in Trinidad but, that would be ignorant to feel that carnivals will not be affected, as it is the movement and intermixing of large groups of people capable of spreading the virus, which is the primary concern. Football matches are now closed, some major festivals like Coachella have now been postponed and fear this will create a domino effect with European and Caribbean carnivals. Could we see Berlin Carnival and the Ibiza Soca Festival canceled?

With Jamaica carnival due next month, organisers have stood firm in their stance that the carnival will go ahead, despite the fact that, one promoter Frenchmen Party, have cancelled all their carnival related events. This is such an uncomfortable situation, as soca is a contact dance and its the contact that is now the issue. What are we all going do – whine with our foot? Self isolate and watch carnival pass right by you? What advice will there be to keep safe? Do we go?

So many questions and that said, the issue remains that the current and forthcoming travel bans will impact the carnival season this year. I have already suspended my travel for the next few months, as we await the impact of this virus on the major Caribbean and European carnival events.


My advice for those who have planned or are planning to go to any Carnival or festival, follow the social pages and bookmark the website as the Real Soca Deal will post regular updates and ensure you have travel insurance that will compensate you for cancellation costs.

Keep safe all……



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